Austin’s Awesome Adventure

Austin’s Awesome Adventure is an adventure/platformer  that follows the story of Austin, a young boy who has to find his parents in a haunted hotel. During his adventure he comes across many monsters and must protect himself with his trusty dart gun before he gets to scared and wets his pants. This game takes the platformer and puts 2-D sprites in a 3-D world.

What I did: In this game I was in charge of creating all the 2-D sprites including their animations and helping with the decisions of textures. I wanted this game to feel as childish a possible with the environment giving off this eerie vibe.

Awards: Winner of Best in Show in the 2012 TISM Media Sandbox Student Showcase at Michigan State University.

Teammates include: Matthew Vorce, Jeff Vannini, Chris Edwards, Carrie Cole, Benjamin Szymczak